Our Leadership

Harmony Express Men's Chorus thrives in part because of the commitment of the people in leadership. Here are the people that make our ensemble tick:

  • Director: Kris Zinkievich

  • Assistant Director/Vice President of Music:Frank Kirschner

  • President:Frank Kirschner

  • Secretary: Steve Biro

  • Treasurer: Al Blount

  • Vice President of Marketing/Librarian: Rob Dowling

  • Vice President of Membership: Jonathan Balcombe

  • Board Member at Large: Steven Fink

  • Board Member at Large: Bill Merritt

  • Immediate Past President: Nelson Robin

  • Performance Coordinator: Marc Wolfson

  • Wardrobe: Kuriacose Joseph

  • Grant Coordinator/Show Chairman: Dave Byers

  • Advocate: Chuck Harner


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